About Me

Hey there. Hello. Hi. 

I love the freedom that freelancing has brought to my life. It’s given me the ability to choose the projects I work on, to travel when and where I need to, and to mother my son. I love not knowing exactly what the next work year, month, or even day looks like.


I’ve worn a lot of hats: Event Planner, SEO-Guru, Advertising Industry Lackie. I always seemed to come back to writing, though, and I finally decided to make the terrifying jump to full-time content professional nearly 7 years ago. Though my degrees from the University of Georgia aren’t too far removed from my chosen profession (Advertising and Sociology), I’ve learned more as a freelancer than I ever did in school. If you want my real “resume,” you can see it here, but c’mon…resumes are boring. Check out My Work instead.


My loved ones would describe me as funny, dependable, and quirky – I choose to take that last one as a compliment. My clients would call me sharp, efficient and professional. I’m grateful for their kindness.

If you need content, I can help.
Reach me using the Contact Page.

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