My Work

What do I do, exactly?

My dad asks me that all the time.
I’ve written for national brands, website developers, and mom-and-pop shops. I’m in this line of work because I love new challenges so I’m always open to hearing your unusual requests. I’ve got experience writing on a wide (really, really wide) range of topics: advertising, real estate, promotional bags, SEO, small business, online dating, plumbing, finance, food, parenting, etc. I work on the backend, in a client-facing capacity, or even to manage the content arm of web businesses.

Here’s an incomplete list of the kinds of projects I’ve been asked to work on:

  • website re-writes/edits
  • keyboardblog posts
  • online newsletters
  • topical articles
  • press releases
  • email blasts
  • eBooks
  • printed marketing materials
  • geo content and webpages 

Here are just a few pieces that will help you get a feel for my range and style. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and much of my client work is too sensitive and brand-specific to post here. If you want to know if I can handle a certain subject or timeline, just ask!

*Please remember that I take great care to present finished pieces with impeccable grammar, spelling and syntax. My clients are free to make changes to my work once it leaves my hands. 

Selected Work Samples

dog-dream6 Ways Your Dog is Telling You He’s Not Getting Enough Exercise
Blog Post (Client: Vetted PetCare)

“Three Cs” of Digital Marketing: Communication, Content Consistency
Blog Post (Client: Synchronicity)

8 Expenses No First-Time Homebuyer Expects
Blog Post (Client: Hendrix Properties)

Why Adventure Travelers are Coming Back to the U.S.
Blog Post (Client: Ted Turner Expeditions)

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Red Wine
Blog Post (Client: Candoni Vineyards)

3 Upcoming Trends in the Chemical Manufacturing Sector for 2017
Blog Post (Client: Noah Technologies)

Extrapack Website (English Translation Edits)
This company contacted me for editing services of website content they’d translated from Bulgarian to English.

charlotte-relocation-guidehelm. Website
When this virtual attorney’s office needed all new content for their website, I jumped in.

Charlotte Relocation Guide/e-Book
I wrote this piece of “gated” content for a local Realtor who turned it into an e-book. If you don’t want to enter your email address, let me know and I’ll send you a PDF.


I have many pieces on file that just aren’t linkable…either they’re waiting on publication or they’re protected under NDAs. Just contact me if you’d like to see more and we’ll find some examples that give you a better idea of my skills.

No two clients have ever come to me with the same request. Whatever your content needs are, we’ll work together to come up with a solution whether it’s editing, regular updating, or even just advice. I’m experienced in everything from formatting photos in blog posts to crafting Tweets that are imminently re-Tweetable. Let’s talk.

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