Sun Basket: A Portfolio

Hi, Sun Basket!

sun basket logoThanks for stopping by. I’m very excited to be considered for your Copywriter position and thought it best to create you a special “Sun Basket” portfolio. You probably already have my resume in hand, but here are a couple of relevant things to know about me before you dive into these work samples:

  • I’ve owned my own freelance copywriting business for the past 6+ years. It’s been wonderful, but the prospect of working for a fast-growing company like Sun Basket makes me excited to once again be part of a talented, purpose-driven team.
  • I have significant experience working directly with in-house marketing teams and in a client-facing capacity. My writing “voice” is very nimble. Here some of my notable clients that you may know:
    • DogVacay
    • Omnicom Media Group
    • Spokeo
    • Ted Turner Expeditions
    • UbicaBus
    • And dozens more!
  • Before I started freelancing, I worked in SEO, Advertising, and had my fair share of food-industry experiences, including a brag-worthy first job at Chuck E. Cheese’s.
  • Writing is my forte. It’s what I’m best at. Thankfully, my advertising background also allows me to provide services like branding, social media management, campaign creation, and even design consultation to my clients, so I’m used to wearing a lot of hats.
  • My particular value-adds include lightning-fast output, unwavering professionalism, and attention to detail. This job has taught me a lot about a lot, too, so I’m also good to have around during Trivia Night.
  • I am obsessively passionate about food. I even moonlighted as a personal chef for a few years and in my spare time authored a now-defunct food blog.
  • My family and I recently relocated from NYC to the East Bay specifically for a better quality of life, particularly a better work/life balance and a healthier lifestyle. We are so, so happy to be here.

Now that’s out of the way, please feel free to peruse this portfolio of relevant work I’ve curated for you. And remember, I take great care to present finished pieces with impeccable grammar, spelling, and syntax but clients sometimes make changes to my work once it leaves my hands. Note that many of these pieces were posted under pseudonyms or under the client’s name.

Food-related writing:

smart snack

Heather Dundon: Personal Chef
Client: Myself! This was my own website when moonlighted as a personal chef. It is probably the purest example I have of my writing “style.”

8 Ways to Eat Clean This Spring With Apple Cider Vinegar

Does Drinking Organic Wine Help Prevent Headaches?
Client: Candoni De Zan Wines

Smart Snack Subscription
Client: Omnicom Media Group Mediapulse


Pseudo-Advertorial Pieces:

Italy landmark doodle seamless pattern.Rome.ColoredThe Ultimate Guide to Pairing Italian Wine with Italian Food
Client: Candoni De Zan Wines
This is a VERY rough PDF of an in-process project that is currently waiting on client feedback. The intention is to print bound copies of the final version (complete with photos and graphic design, of course) to give as gifts to vendors, special customers, and distributors. It will also live on the client’s site as a gateway to a newsletter sign-up.

Here Are My Four Takeaways…
Client: Adam Williams (Commercial Realtor)
Written for a popular independent development blog in Charlotte with 1.2 million monthly pageviews

relocation guidePersonal Protection Dogs: A Growing Trend for American Families
Client: Evan Dunbar, owner of Full Contact K9
Written as a spotlight piece for Dolce Magazine, printing 290,000 copies annually

Complete Relocation Guide to Charlotte, NC (eBook)
Client: Hendrix Properties in Charlotte, NC
I conceptualized this project from beginning to end and worked hand-in-hand with a designer on layout, formatting, and content. It is “gated” content on the client’s website.


Topics Sun Basket might find particularly relevant:

B&W Fiberglass Industry Spotlight: Sustainable Energy
Client: B&W Fiberglass
(Topics: Sustainability, Manufacturing, Eco)

ttxVirtual Philanthropy
Client: Omnicom Media Group Mediapulse
(Topics: Giving Back, Technology)

“Three Cs” of Digital Marketing: Communication, Content, Consistency
Client: Synchronicity Design
(Topics: Marketing, New Media, Business Development)

All Blog Titles
Client: Ted Turner Expeditions
(Topics: Outdoor Adventure, Fitness, Travel)


Other interesting stuff:

Is Your Dog Anxious? What You Can Do (Online Guide)
Client: DogVacay
(I used dozens of sources to research this extensive piece on the condition of dog anxiety for

UbicaBus Website
Client: UbicaBus
(I built this website – using Wix, not from scratch! – including all sitemapping, content, and design. The client needed the project public-ready in four days as he was invited to pitch on Shark Tank!) 
*Site still in development

I’m happy to provide you with additional work samples, client references, or information. Just ask.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my work!